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India is a land of wonderful places and veritable paradises. It is the culture it shows and disseminates that makes it a heavenly country. This country’s staggering topography is decorated with incredibly different cultures and tradition, which makes its history even more diverse. It has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties. It has expanded its patronage towards art and culture.

There are many beautiful places in our country. Some of the best tourist places in India are- Shimla, Kullu and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur and Bikaner in Rajasthan, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala etc. Every state has a charm of its own! Himachal is one such amazing destination.  Manali is a small hill-station in the district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh.  Manali was not very famous until twin visits were made by our first Prime Minister, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. Even the handicrafts at the Tibetan monasteries are famous at Manali.

Manali has a unique feature. Manali can be visited all throughout the year, i.e. suiting your purpose of visit.  The months from September to February are celebrated among the Honeymooners. It is the time when winter sets in, this month welcomes the visitors with snow-clad mountains and beautiful white scenic beauty. Honeymooners especially prefer the seasons from December to February. It is also a favorite among those who would enjoy winter skiing. Also, the winter skiing festival is organized in Solang Valley around this time.

Winter in Manali

Manali in december

The months from March to Mid-June is the time when flowers bloom. Nature is at its full swing and the surroundings take the most breathtaking forms.  It is for those who love adventure sports like paragliding, rafting, trekking etc. These outdoor activities are also organized in various parts of Manali.

paragliding in Manali

Adventure sports during March


June to October is for people who love nature. Nature is at its blossom around this part of the year.  What visitors generally hunt during this period in Manali is the way to Rohtang pass. The highway to Leh pass opens during these months. The lovely view of mountains flanking the pass, the glaciers and rivers filled till brim due to rains, make the view astonishingly beautiful. Hotel rates dip during these seasons generally as excessive rains may cause floods.


Rohtang pass

Thus, it can be said that Manali is endowed with beauty, throughout the year. However, the best season to visit Manali is from September to June.  Himachal, moreover is one of the most lovely destinations in our country. The people at Himachal are known to be extremely hospitable.

Majestic Manali

Incredible India is the ‘Intellectual capital of the world’, initially known as the Bharat-Varsha or the land of Bharata; a king of the Puranic tradition. Our culture is rich and variegated; with its enriched contribution to Art, Science and Philosophy. Our country stands erect in terms of veritable contributions and its simplicity. Every state in our country is unique and special in its own way; which makes our country a place for tourists. Himachal Pradesh is one such holiday destination in India.

This ‘Land of snow’ is well covered with lofty peaks and forest areas. The dense forests are bound to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. There are various festivals and fairs celebrated here like- Minjar of Chamba, Lavi of Rampur and many others. This state also provides huge opportunities for adventure and fun seekers with its famous sports like paragliding, winter skiing, trekking, fishing to name a few.

Minjar in Chamba

Minjar of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Chamba, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kinnaur, Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti are some of the famous tourist inters in Himachal. Manali is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations. Manali falls in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Manali, one of the popular hill stations in our country is set picturesquely the confluence of Manalsu and Beas rivers, dominated by snow-capped peaks and mountains which seem to entertain the views of nature. Mythologically, the name Manali means the abode of Manu; a revered king of Hindus. And also, that human life came into being from this wonderful place after the great deluge.

As Manali is a happening tourist destination, facilities like commuting, shopping, accommodation, food- all needs to be checked. What makes any tourist destination complete is its potential to make things available for its visitors. Manali, obviously has many wonderful places like the Manu temple, Tibetan Monasteries, Mountaineering institute, Solang valley, Rohtang Pass,Vashishta hot springs and Temples, Naggar site to name some of them.

adventure sports in Manali

trekking in Manali

Not only are these places marvelous but also, easily reachable and feasible too. Manali can be reached by air, road or railways. The nearest airport for Kullu is Bhutnar. Kalka, Pathankot and Chandigarh are the famous railheads. Manali is well connected by road.

Manali has a perfect blend of accommodation and availability. Many resorts, hotels and budget hotels are available. Various 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hotels and resorts are made available for different sections of the society. Manali budget hotel rates are also affordable.

Manali is a place of great beauty and the proficiency with which this place is planned is truly commendable!

Majestic Manali

Himachal Pradesh is an enticing destination endowed with the twin Hill stations of Kullu and Manali. This verdant valley, which is earthed by snow-capped peaks, roaring rivers, gushing flows, dense forests of deodar and oak is an ethereal worldly beauty.  It is called ‘Dev bhoomi’ .

Beautiful Christ Church

Christ church,Shimla

Some of these places of worship are:-

  • Christ church, which is the second oldest church in Northern India, a noted landmark in Shimla.
  • Mashobra, which is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga.
  • Naldehra, a temple dedicated to Nal Dev, there is an ancient Naga temple also here.
  • Gurudwara Panta Sahib, a historic Gurudwara where Guru Goind Singh stayed for several years.

These are some of the places of prayer in Himachal. Himachal is renowned for its natural beauty, temples, adventure sports, temples and scenic beauties.

Manali is a famous hill station located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is an awe-inspiring place with majestic picturesque images and scenic beauty! There are plenty of places to visit in Manali like the Tibetan Monasteries, Jagathsukh, Vashishta hot springs, Mountaineering institute, Beas valley, Manalsu Rivers and many others.

Anyone going for Manali tourism ought to see some beautiful places. Kothi Village is one of the most happening destinations in Manali. This wonderful village is about 12kms from Manali. It is well-known for its scenic beauty. Tourists are attracted for its famous paragliding, camping and such activities. Various films have been shot here, the recent one being a famous Tamil movie ‘Manam Kothi Paravai’.

Maa Sharvari temple is one such pious destination. This serene temple is located above Shaminallah Village. It has various fairs and melas which are highly revered. This temple also, is said to be the Kuldevta or Clan god of the Kullu Kings.

Jogini Falls is a lovely place for those who love to be at the heart of nature. This place is known for its lush green ambience and quiet beauty. These falls are surrounded of various small shops which sell food, snacks, tea or even small shopping stuffs. The most interesting factor is that these shops sell typical Himachal food like Kadhi chawal, brown rice, rajma and atta namkeen.

Manali tourist place

Jogini falls, Manali

Solang valley is the heart of Manali. This valley extending from Solang village to Beas kund is a veritable paradise. The views are the most happening! Winter skiing festival is highly celebrated.

Manali is a truly enchanting destination for anyone who wants to live amidst the nature! Himachal tourism thus, is the most relaxing and satiable experience!



Manali: A land of Awe

Heavenly Himachal Pradesh is wonderful place in India. ‘Himachal’ means; Land of Snow’; It is a veritable place endowed with nature in its pure form. After Independence, Himachal Pradesh was formed on 15th April, 1948 by assimilating 30 Princely States .However, Himachal Pradesh attained complete statehood on 25th January,1971. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its temples, adventure sports and scenic beauty. The best time to visit this place is in the months of April to October. The state is truly every tourist’s delight!

Majestic Manali is a lovely holiday destination which is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is endowed with Nature in its pristine form. Anybody who visits this happening  city is sure to be in awe of it. A complete Manali trip would mean visiting wonderful abodes like the Naggar, Manikaran, Beas valley, Vashishta temple, Manu temple, Mountaineering institute, Jagatsukh, Solang Valley,Rohtang Pass among many others.

As Manali has snow points or even snow peaks during winter months, adventure sports are surely a hit! Para-gliding, skiing, river-rafting, camping, Jeep-safari is a part of adventure sports in Manali. Travelling to Manali is easy by air, road or even rail.


Adventure sport in Manali

Accommodation at Manali is both affordable and largely available. Resorts in Manali make the stay even more blissful by providing luxury in aplomb. There are various famous resorts in Manali which even provide holiday packages, luxury packages, and honeymoon packages to add custom-features.


A luxurious resort in Manali

The famous Naggar site was once a capital of Kullu state for about 1400 years. It was founded by Vishudh Pal. This site currently has been modified into a hotel. Naggar has many shrines dedicated to deities like Vishnu. This hotel too is renowned and is highly popular in Manali. There are various 5-star, 4-star, 3-star hotels in Manali which cater to the needs different sections of people.

Both, resorts and hotels are meant for the easy and temporary accommodation of the people. Technically, a resort is a place meant for recourse and relaxation whereas a hotel is meant only for accommodation. Now-a-days, various resorts have hotels inside them are hence are called resort hotels. Manali also has those facilities.Most tourists prefer resort packages as they also provide a feature of adventure sports among the others. Manali is also renowned for its local fruit wine and Apples.

Manali, undoubtedly is a celebrated and happening tourist destination of our country!


Manali: Scenic beauty

Multifarious Manali is one of the most famous holiday destinations in India. Manali is not only known for its beauty but also for its revered position among Indians; especially Hindus. Manali comes from the word ‘Manu-alaya’ meaning  the residence of Manu- the foremost king of Hindus and the Highest law-giver. This place also has another credit as it has the only temple built for Manu- The Manu temple.

Manu temple in Manali

Manu temple

Manali comes under the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in the district of Kullu. It is well connected by roadways, railways and airways. It has various picturesque images and a lovely blend of Flora and Fauna. Manali tourist place is decked with places like The Pin Valley National Park, Manali Sanctuary, Brigu lake, Rohtang pass, Pandoh Dam, Solang Valley, Mountaineering institute etc.

Places in Manali for tourist do not end here! Naggar, is a wonderful site on the banks of Baes lake. Naggar was discovered by Vishudh Pal many decades ago.  The castle, Naggar is a very famous place. Manikaran, is another respected site for all sects; specially the Hindus and Sikhs. Manikaran has a Gurudhwara and also, a very popular temple of Lord Ram.

Snow point or the Solang valley is a visual treat. The ambience here, guarantees to leave you in awe. This valley is a veritable paradise for all those who celebrate the nature. This valley is filled with glaciers and snow during winter months. Winter skiing is also organised.

Manali trip would be incomplete without a visit to the Dhungri or Hadimba temple which is dedicated to Goddess Hadimba. Rohtang pass is a graceful opening to Lahaul Spiti, Pangi and Leh valley. Any search for tourist attractions in Manali would pave way to the famous Van Vihar and resplendent Jagatsukh.

Situated in the Tibet mall, Van Vihar is the finest place to enjoy nature. Small-boat rides and Deonar trees will revitalise your energy and will lead for an all encompassing view of the beauty!

Jagatsukh is a wonderful place which was once the capital of Kullu state. This place is known for various temples and also for the style of architecture.

This place blends perfectly with the worldly fashion yet disseminates true culture of India. It celebrates the new year in the most holy manners through the Lossar Festival, the famous Hadimba temple fair among many others.

Losar festival for temple

Lossar festival

Manali definitely, is a place for those who celebrate and survive with a nature-connect. Manali is just awesome, a perfect visual tribute for all the people!




Manali : A true Paradise

Marvellous Manali, is one of the most magnificent hill station of our country which is in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It embellishes ornate picturesque confluence of tourist places in Manali like the Hadimba Devi temple, Manalsu and Beas rivers, Tibetan monasteries among many others. The speciality of Manali tourist places are its scenic beauty and awe-inspiring picturesque images.

Ice skating in Manali


Mythological references suggest that the name Manali is derived from ‘Manu-alaya’, the house of Manu-the great Hindu law giver. The beauty lies beyond description for its unending dialogue with nature. There are various tourist places in Manali; Himachal Pradesh flourishes in its tourism industry which is adorned with places to visit in Manali like the Manu temple, Mountaineering institute, Rohtang Pass, Solang valley and Jagatsukh . Manali tourism is one of the most promising industry.

Tourism in Manali is the most sought after not only because of various places to see in Manali but also due to its easy availability of budget hotels, luxury hotels, Resorts, and Hotel packages in Manali. Also its better connectivity for commuting like airport near Manali and easy access to information about Manali hill station makes it the best place to visit in Summers.

There are various hotels in Manali like Hotel dream, Hotel evergreen or the three-star hotels in Manali like Armaan Resorts, Apple Green Resorts or four-star hotels in Manali like the Banon Resorts, Apple country resorts or the five-star resorts in Manali like the Span Resort and Spa, Holiday Inn Manali etc.

Ice skating in Manali

Ice skiing


How to reach Manali?

Manali travel plans are easy and quick to chalk out. Manali can be reached by the nearest airport at Bhutan or by railway at Kalka, Chandigarh and Pathankot, also by road. Kullu and Manali, both can be considered as  the famous tourist places in India and they are both well connected by road ways- Chandigarh, Shimla and Delhi. There are many best places to Visit in Manali like the Solang Valley resorts,Great Himalayan National park Raghunathji temple.

Manali travel packages include the Majestic Himachal hues or the other ones like the Timber train etc. Travel places in India or hill stations in Himachal include Kullu as well as Manali.

The best time to visit Manali is after retreating monsoon. Hence, any visitor wanting to be refreshed from heavy and hectic schedules can retreat and rejuvenate themselves by travelling to Manali during the months of September.

Live in ‘Grand’ Manali

The all-consuming, sweaty summer is right here. Really hot…plus the hot waves of wind. In this heat, wont it be nice, lighten the cold weather can be helpful. So, want to have a fun holiday? If yes, then you have a place ready. Do think of resorts and hotels in Manali. In the midst of the nature-friendly, fragrant, sloping tops, green trees distributing the stimulating wind, the high snow covered mountains of an Indian hill station, Manali. It is cuddled up luxuriously placed on the bay of River Beas. The hotels in Manali are extravagant and spacious, but that is not it, the resorts in Manali are also grandly built. Some resorts in Manali are


The Orchard Greens Hotel, Manali: – the hotel is a 3-star hotel in Manali. It is at an approximate distance of about a km from the major Bus Depot of Manali. The hotel attracts people to itself as it houses a large open-air restaurant. It is renowned for this ‘balcony restaurant’. It is built near a tourist spot, Hadimba Devi Temple. The followers who come to the temple, often, go for this hotel. Also, another very lively picnic spot is around the hotel, so it is an interesting thing to watch for most of the person who are adventurous and that is the Solang valley. Since it is so near the tourist spot, Solang valley, the hotel arranges for day trips and adventurous activities like rappelling, paragliding, trekking and others. Clasp tight to this hotel, this summer because it is a nice place to stay in, in Manali.

A hotel in Manali

Orchard green hotel

Solang valley is a gorgeous tourist spot. Near this picnic spot is a resort. The name of this resort is the Solang valley resort. It is best known for its services, it is described by the phrase ‘4 star resort with 5 star services’. It offers a romantic candle light dinner besides a pool. The cuisines served here are delicious as well. It is inter-continental and has food of almost all the continents of the world.

A hotel in Manali

Solang valley resort

Do not think of this blog as full fledged information. Frankly, it isn’t! You would love to know that the blog is informative, but there are umpteen number of information that hasn’t been put here. Manali is a vast place with luxurious hotels and with comfortable couches. It is beautiful and no amount of pollution sees to stop people from going here.

Queen of Hill stations

Himachal Pradesh is a vacationer’s delight as well as one among the best tourist places in the world. The state is tiny yet a mixture of culture, adventure and delicacies. It is majorly renowned for three of its unexplored hill stations. This indeed might be why the state is among the best tourist places in the world.


Among the three, one hill station is Khajjar. Khajjar is popular as the “Mini Switzerland of India or the Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh”. This hill station got this honour by the Vice-chancellor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland, Willy Blazzer.

A hill station in Himachal Pradesh


Khajjar is one of the most adored hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. It is positioned in the Himalayan mountain range and is closer to another hill station called Dalhousie. It plunked like a tiara of the tiny state and is located at an approximate height of 6500 ft. Khajjar is conferred with natural beauty and an cool, pleasant weather.


Densely grown net of flora, alongside the gleaming Himalayan peaks makes the hill station an adorable place for its visitors. It is most known for the trekking activity conducted here. Trekking is indeed the best way to travel around the hill station. Zorbing, is another widely enjoyed activity which involves the participants in “rolling downhill with a plastic orb”.


Dalhousie, is the next best hill station in the tiny state of Himachal Pradesh. It was discovered by Lord Dalhousie, the British Governor in India. The place got its name after him. The hill station offers most interesting experiences like “trekking, Victorian style mansions, natural springs and luring climate”.


Chamba is the third hill station among the three mentioned earlier. If Chamba is your escape from the routine life, then, you are in the right place. Chamba’s main attraction is the hills bowing down to the tourists. The hills welcome the tourists in their own welcoming manner. Other attractions here are river rafting and river crossing.

A hill station in Himachal Pradesh


This hill station is recognized for its old-school yet modern goods made by hands. “Hand embroidered Chamba rumal” or the Chamba handkerchiefs are worth preservation. Embellished on silk with complicatedly knit hand design is amazing.


They say “Hill stations in India are so many” but not all hill stations can calm your nerve and relax your mind. Thus, the hill stations of the tiny state called Himachal Pradesh are famous worldwide. These are also among the best known tourism places in the world.


Enjoy Manali

Manali glitters down at each and everyone/ tourist and provides them with an eternal joy of living inspiring them to ‘go-on’ in life. The high snow-pinnacle peaks, curving rivers and gleaming tree-tops look like they are a scene right outside from some Bollywood film. If enquired about the best places in Manali a long list can be put in place.


Moving along the roads of Manali, an old Bollywood fan might feel nostalgic. The same apple trees, the flower trail of the ‘60’s, hippies singing around. It is a fun place.


But in particular, start with Old Manali. Why? I have an answer to it. Indeed, convincing. In Old Manali, you see from a height. And imagine, seeing a whole town from that height. Beautiful. The small town also has many things worth an arty eye. It is a lovely place, charm of the place is old-school and most places here have intricate wooden carvings on doorways. For around 6 months, a year, tourists are happily welcome, but on the next 6 months, it snows heavily and normal life gets disrupted. Fresh local cheese and jam is the specialty in small tourist hubs like the Bob Dylan’s café. This hotel at Manali is famous because you are allowed to enjoy a movie while drinking your sip of coffee.


The small town is very orderly and, as mentioned before, very quiet. It is also culturally rich. In fact, it is a place of culture, norms and traditions to perish.  But other places in Manali are also alike. The Hadimba temple in Manali is best known for the goddess. The goddess Hadimba is celebrated here. The temple is said to been built in the 1533. Goddess Hadimba was the spouse of Bhima, from the Mahabharata. The temple is the midst of Dhungri Park.


Among the best known Temples in Manali

Hadimba devi temple

Another place that elaborates the spirituality of the place is the Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa. This Gompa was built in 1969. This was built by the Tibetans and for Tibetans in Manali. It is like a prayer hall. But this hall is very beautifully adorned by intricate embossing on the wall. The idol here is of Shakyamuni Buddha.


Among the best known Temples in Manali


Thus, a trip to Manali can be fun as well as religious, but moreover, peaceful, calm and cool. The place is the best tourist spot in India. It is the best hill station, one that you mustn’t have experienced ever before. Just so charming, you will say at the end of the trip.


Manali tourist places

Manali, a religiously visited as well as a place visited for its natural, appealing beauty is a well established tourist spot.  It is located at a height of 1,926 meters and broadens widely. It is a charming, tiny hill station in India.


Manali is hugely a tourist spot. There are places which are the Manali tourist places. They include a long list of places. Introducing you to some of them.


Solang Valley is strategically placed by nature between Manali and Kothi. It shelters trekking and camping activities for huge groups. The rock-climbing and winter skiing that is undertaken by many around the place is a pleasing experience. Also, if you want to enjoy the view from the Solang valley like a bird, go on a paragliding spree.

After the adventure at Solang valley, Rohla Falls is a diversion. Rohla falls is a good place to picnic with family and friends.

Nehru Kund also seems like a slight diversion from the two places above. It is a natural spring, which emerges from the ground, is spic and span. It is labelled after India’s late Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru. Myth has it that the ex-Prime Minister used to drink water from this spring. This is a tourist place in Manali and unifies our age-old history and beauty.


A tourist place in Manali

Nehru Kund, Manali

Like Nehru Kund promotes itself historically and is a thread in our long history so are the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Like Nehru Kund is a part of Indian History, the Tibetan Monasteries are soothing to the soul. These are a part of the age old history of a religion and the writings and paintings on the wall are its evidence. These monasteries are famous for their multi-coloured carpets and Tibetan handicraft.


Last but not the least; I would want you all to be introduced to another tourist place in Manali. This places if renowned for its hot water springs. People or tourists specifically adore this place also for its tiny, well-maintained as well the one and only carved temple of Vashisht Muni. It is built on the banks of River Beas. The Vashisht hot water springs are the tourist destination that almost makes you feel wonder from another world. It releases “natural hot sulphur”, just to enjoy the spring there is a division of tanks for men and women by human beings. It is hot through the year, despite the temperature decreasing.

A tourist place in Manali

Hot water springs, Manali


Thus, the place is beautiful and has an awesome lot to see.



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